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Information for current students

For BSc students in Software Engineering and Management at the University of Gothenburg:


Academic year

The Academic year in Sweden is divided into two semesters - autumn and spring, with two study periods per semester.

Access card

Access cards will be provided on the introduction day in the beginning of the autumn semester. If you need an access card at another time, please contact your Study Counsellor.

Chalmers University of Technology

You are a student at the University of Gothenburg. However, both our campuses, Johanneberg and Lindholmen, are shared with Chalmers University of Technology. Some of our courses are shared with Chalmers and Chalmers' students.

Computer user account - CID

To get access to the computer systems at Campus you need a Computer User account and a Chalmers ID, CID. In order to get your CID you need to be registered for your courses.

When registered you can get a username (CID) and a password at Helpdesk on ground floor (towards the river) in Saga building at Campus Lindholmen. They also offer support if you have trouble using your account.

Course registration

Before you can begin a course you need to register:


Content of the programme
(Click on the link at each course)

Credit transfer

You can apply for credit transfer of foreign studies if you are studying at University of Gothenburg. (You have to be enrolled and begin your studies here before you can apply.

Degree Certificate

When you have completed your studies and want to collect your degree, you must apply for the degree to the Degrees Office at the University of Gothenburg. Your Degree Certificate will show which degree that has been issued, which courses that are included, your course grades and the date when the courses were completed. The Degree Certificate will be in both Swedish and English. For more information about diffrent degrees at Swedish universities, credit transfer and how to apply, you can contact your Study counsellor.

Equality and discrimination

In the Swedish Law, in the Equal Treatment of Students at Universities Act, it is stated that a university shall, within the framework of its activities, conduct goal-oriented work to actively promote the equal rights of students irrespective of their sex, ethnic belonging, religion or other religious faith, sexual orientation or disability. A university shall also take measures to prevent and preclude students or applicants being subjected to harassment. Examples of harassment include offensive comments and innuendos, marginalisation, sexual rapprochement, or ridicule. Whether or not behaviour is abusive is determined by how the student personally experiences this behaviour. If you have something to report turn to your Study Counsellor or to the Student Union.


You need to register for all examinations not later than two weeks before the examination date! Please study the rules and regulations carefully before your examination. You will need to bring a valid photo id to the examination.

Exchange students

International Coordinator

Your Academic International Coordinator at the IT Faculty will help you with all matters regarding your exchange studies.

Exchange Student Services

As an Exchange student at the University of Gothenburg you can get support from and join activites organized by the Exchange Student Services.


STARS (Study Abroad Report System) is a database where Swedish universities collect feedback from inbound and outbound exchange students on the quality of their studies abroad and on the services offered by the host university. Students that have taken part in an exchange program fill out a questionnaire online. You will get more information about how to use STARS at the end of your exchange studies.

GU card

The GU card is a campus card for students and employees with multiple functions such as access card for university premises, library card and student discounts all in the same card. (Please note: As a student within IT you also need another access card since our premises are in the Chalmers area.)

You are welcome to order your GU card at one of the Service centers at the University of Gothenburg.

Language support

The Language Support service is available to all students who are interested in improving their oral and written language skills in English or Swedish for academic purposes. We offer tutoring sessions on an individual basis or in small groups as well as open seminars and workshops.


As a student ïn Software Engineering at the University of Gothenburg you have access to the libraries at the University of Gothenburg - and also to the libraries at Chalmers University of Technology.


Mentorship program

IT Mentorship Program is a link between education and industry which serves as a platform for experience and knowledge exchange between mentees (students) and mentors.

Service centers

A service center offers service and support to students, visitors and staff at the University of Gothenburg.

Contact one of our Servicecenters for information about courses, study counselling and the university in general. Our services for students include academic transcripts and issuing the GU-card.

Service centers

Student Account

In addition to your Computer User Account you will also need a student account at the University of Gothenburg to access your courses, your grades and your student e-mail account. 

Student Health Centre

The Student Health Centre is a complement to the public health care system for students at the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers. The main task for the Student Health Center is the treatment of health problems originating in or aggravated by your study situation. The Student Healt Center also provides:

  • Individual counselling
  • General practitioner, psychiatrist and physiotherapist
  • Kamratgrupper - a way to meet new friends. Students get together and go to the cinema, on excursions, etc.

Student Office

At the Student Office you can:

  • Ask questions regarding examinations
  • Get your examination papers and results
  • Get Transcript of Records and registration certificates

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a student at the University of Gothenburg it is important to know your rights and responsibilities. Please study the documents below carefully. 

Student Services

The University Student Services strives to make your stay in Sweden as easy, straightforward and enjoyable as possible. The University Student Support offers services to students in a variety of functions:

  • Study and career counselling
  • Students with disabilities
  • Peer Help programme
  • Service centers

Student Union

The Student Union is a student-run organisation whose main purpose is to safeguard students' interests in matters connected with education and student life. A membership in the student union is no longer mandatory. As a student at the Software Engineering programmes you belong to Göta Student Union.

Information on the Göta Student Union

Study Counsellor

The Study Counsellor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering can help you with various issues concerning your studies such as information about courses, application, degrees and examinations. You can also contact your Study Counsellor about all kinds of social and academic issues.

Swedish as a foreign language

For international students studying individual programs or courses at the University of Gothenburg

The courses in the Swedish language are offered as an additional service to your study at the University of Gothenburg. The aim is to offer you a chance to learn basic Swedish and thereby enable you to make more out of your stay in Gothenburg. By learning Swedish, you will increase your employability in Sweden. The courses offered this spring term will be at beginner’s level (A1) as well as Basic User courses (A2).

Link to the courses

Transcript of Records

After you have finished your studies you will get a Transcript of Records with your courses and your grades.

Get your Electronic transcript via Internet: Electronic transcript is a service where you can create and print verifiable Ladok transcripts of records/certificates of registration. The transcript/certificate can later be verified on the web by a code found in the printed document.


Accessable for students who are already studying at the programme:

After your studies - alumni database

When you have finished your studies - don't forget to register in the  alumni database. When you register in the alumni network for University of Gothenburg you will be able to make contact with your friends from the university, and you will be included in a searchable database. Your experiences gained from working life and from the University are important for us and the alumni network also enables you to maintain and broaden your social and professional contacts. "Join the network"

Programme Management


the SEMPROG blog

New blog for the BSc programme in Software Engineering and Management. SEMPROG blog

Study Guide

Study Guide 2013

Prepare for your studies

IT Mentorship Program

The IT Mentorship Program is for all students within IT at University of Gothenburg.

Letters from Gothenburg

Letters from GothenburgFollow the blog about the student life of four international students at the University of Gothenburg. 

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